Advantages of Indoor Storage
  1. Your vehicle is protected from solar, ozone and weather damage.
  • No paint or gel coat oxidation
  • No tire cracking
  • No roof resealing or recoating
  • No bleaching or rotting of canvas covers or awnings
  • No rust or corrosion of chrome or aluminum
  • No rainwater seepage or buildup
  • No damage to wood, window tints, upholstery and fabrics from excessive heat
  • No water spots on mirrors, glass or Plexiglas
  • No bird, snake or rodent invasion
  1. Your Insurance Company and Law Enforcement agencies recommend that recreational vehicles be stored inside, in order to prevent break-ins, theft and vandalism.

  2. If you store your vehicle at home, thieves will notice when it's gone. This leaves your home an easy target for criminals.

  3. Indoor storage is more secure. The sophisticated security systems in use at RABSIO Storage are much more effective than those used at most outside storage facilities.

  4. Your vehicle remains clean. You will save money on washing, waxing and detailing.

  5. When you are ready to go your vehicle is ready too!

  6. You save money. Your annual cost savings on repair and maintenance will exceed the additional cost of indoor storage, while protecting your investment.


Warranty Center for: Monaco, Beaver, Holiday Rambler, Safari, Country Coach, Coleman, Dometic, Power Gear, HWH, Carefree and many more.

Big or small, we have spaces that accommodate all RV's, Boats, Trucks and Travel Trailers.

State of the art service center - we have a comprehensive and thorough diagnostic process to eliminate guesswork.

Our top notch service will prepare your vehicle for you complete with washing and re-fueling services.

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